Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Editor Mom

Skylar graduates from Berklee Music School of Boston! 
May I add that she was a self-taught musician no prior training!!!

Dr. Kelli Collins and her proud parents!

    Life as a Mom takes on so many different hats. My life as an editor was continuous and important.

As my children progressed, it seemed that most of the job took place late at night. "Mom, will you look

at my 10 page paper and edit it?" Kelli would say at 11:00 pm.  With only 5 children at home at that 

time, late night was becoming busy. Everyone stayed up later and later. My position as editor moved to

a third shift job. I loved every moment. 

    My favorite part of parenting an writer was during the brainstorming time. Looking back it was some

of my favorite moments, I loved to hear their ideas and watch a simple idea blossom.  What a joy to 

type up the project at about 1:00 am.!!! I was following in my Mother's footsteps only with a computer 

not a typewriter. Those moments added to my appreciation for my Mom's giving so much to my


    Big moments were critiquing Kelli and Sky's college applications. Kelli was going to a small 

California Liberal Arts College in Montecito. The application had at least three essays. The college only

admitted about 400 students with thousands applying. After graduating from Westmont college, Kelli

decided to apply to medical schools.  Wow! That adds an enormous amount of pressure to the editor's


    Skylar has a way with words. Since a young age, we were all amazed at her vocabulary skills.

The editing job was always a job with Skylar. Many times I had to have my dictionary prepared before

I looked at her paper.  As a sound engineer at Bell's Brewery, she does not spend much time writing

papers. I wish I could go back and edit more of her papers. I would probably advance my vocabulary

no doubt. 

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