Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Amazing individuals in my life!

    Can a person be so fortunate and not appreciate it until years later? Of course, in our youth, we 

sometimes do not fully realize our wonderful circumstances and the blessings in our lives.  When

I was one week old, I was adopted by two amazing people. My Father was a professor at Michigan 

State University in 1956. My Mother had been a High School home economics teacher along with 

hosting a Radio show on Wood FM.  Both children of fruit and dairy farmers, my parents were

advocates for education and then as years progressed global responsibility.

    My early education through 2nd grade was at a small community school in Williamston, Michigan.

Entering schoolin 1960, reading, writing and arithmetic were the focus of Kindergarten through 3rd

grade. Penmanship was a larger part of education during these years. We practiced our letters often, 

printing  and then of course cursive. I would have to relearn my letters when my children learned 

D'Nealian instead of standard in preschool.

    My Mother's sister, Mary Edison Tatroe taught kindergarten in the Grand Rapids Public schools. She 

finished her teaching after 45 years in the same school system.)  From my earliest years, she 

would read to me and make me practice my letters. I loved to play school with Aunt Mary or my two

brothers much to their dismay!

                                        Dr. Judy Paul, Ruth Edison Mawby, Mary Edison Mawby

    My Aunt Mary and I would spend hours playing Barbie dolls. I loved to create intricate stories

with Barbie, Ken & Midge. Mary would always say she wished we were writing them all down.

I spent hours at our Lake cottages one in Upper Michigan and another at Gun Lake learning to

read and write from Aunt Mary. Rainy days were spent with books open and writing my letters or

words carefully for MiMi.

                                         Cal-Poly University, Pomona, CA
                                        This fountain is dedicated to my Mother, Ruth Mawby.
                              It sits in the middle of the Kellogg Arabian Stables on campus.

    Ruth Mawby, my wonderful Mother passed away twelve years ago. She was my person as they

say on Grey's Anatomy.  My Mom edited and typed every paper that I wrote in High School.

We had a blue typewriter that she had used to type out her radio show dialogue in the late 40's and 50's.

My gift for high school graduation was a matching typewriter to take to college and some whiteout.

                                         My Mother's grave in Yorkville cemetery near Gull Lake.
She had a great influence on my character and my desire to learn. I still cannot believe the amount of

Scholastic books she let me buy at school. Writing was left behind for my Mother when she married

my Father. She spent most of her life as a perfect life partner as my Father's career changed and grew.

Entertaining, traveling and being there for my Dad was her full-time job. 

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