Thursday, May 30, 2013

Writing and Presenting Speeches: A Sanguine finds the world of writing speeches.

Dale Carnegie's teachings were an important part of my high school and college years!

      From an early age I was expected to attend endless events where my Father was the guest

speaker.  Through hours of wiggling and half listening, I learned that you could make a difference

in the world if you could speak so people really listened to your ideas.

    My first speech has been relived through my friend's voices for years. It was emotional for me but

now I sense it was emotional for them since it is locked in their memories. (sorry to say) We were in

Mr. Schinderle's class at Kellogg Elementary ending our 6th grade year. Next year we would move

onto junior high,  we were long overdue to learn how to give a book report according to Mr.


           My friends and I were so self-conscious in those years. It was an important time,  we were

each learning about boys, love songs and going steady (for a day if that long). None of us had kissed

a boy but it was all we talked about at slummer parties.

    Mr. Schinderle announced to the class, "Whoever goes first today will get an automatic A!" The only

thing I heard was A! 6th grade book report 1969  To my surprise he called on me. My whole body was

trembling and my mind was racing. With my parent's advice, I had practiced my speech in the

bathroom mirror at least a 100 times. This was different. Mike Earl and Mike Battson, the cutest boys in

the whole 6th grade, were sitting in the front.   I slowly walked to the front of the room. By the looks

on my friend's faces they were waiting with


tension for their turn. To this day I do not think anyone heard a word I said due to nerves. Of course

Mr. Schinderle was listening and paying attention.  With poise and fake confidence I raced through

my report. As I was nearing my conclusion, the emotions were building inside my mind. Just before the

last sentence, I burst into tears. Sobbing, I finished and went to my seat. But I did get an A!!!

    My 6th grade book report was on the following book.


Seventeenth Summer                          

College-bound Angie Morrow falls in love for the first time in the perennially popular Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly (1942), written while the author was still in college herself. Diary-like entries depict the trials and tribulations of adolescent amour. Ages 12-17

     Years later that book report speech has continuously  haughted me. Two of my friends, Ella Jane

Bell-Greemam and Julie Lawrence Weingartner have repeated the story for every new boy that came

into my life. My husband and children have heard it so many  times and love to use it to put me in my


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