Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How a small writng job turned into 3 months of hard labor? Successful in the end!

This is a funny part of my writing story. Until I went through the process, I would have never called this a writing journey. But it turned out to much more involved then I expected. My daughter announced that she was getting married at twenty-nine to a wonderful thirty year old guy. (We love him!) The thing about wedding of people over 25, they have attended many weddings of friends and family. They have experienced great weddings and some they would like to forget. But they know for sure their wedding will be fabulous.

   Of course, the wedding starts with an invitation sent with love and directions! If you have any idea how many wedding fonts exist in the wedding world, you know the job I was undertaking. We were writing a wedding invitation, a rehearsal dinner invitation, a puffin cruise invitation, and a Sunday brunch invitation. Yes, I was writing a book or at least it seemed like it to me!

   I started on January 3, 2012 with a trip to Petals and Postings, a wonderful invitation shop in Kalamazoo. Pat, the owner and knowledgable about all things wedding, was a great support to me through it all. We finally had the final copy on the last day of March to send to the printer. I learned every font, every way to phrase the invitation, every way to explain that two Doctors were getting married to each other and why the stamp should look good on the envelope.

    Before this experience, I was beginning to think that I had forgotten the joy of writing and editing. But between all the words and plans, I enjoyed writing the words, re-writing the words and changing the words again when the bride demanded. The invitation turned out fabulous and even I was impressed with the final product. Writing wording on invitations is not for dummies!

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