Sunday, June 2, 2013

From Barbie Dolls to Bubble Gum Music

The Classroom of the 1960's depicted in this video was the classroom of my elementary years.

We memorized spelling words, copied our letters in penmanship and wrote on lined paper exactly what 

the teacher wrote on the chalkboard.  The students were not allowed to express themselves creatively 

through writing without upsetting the apple cart.


   A very special good-bye gift was given to me at the end of 2nd grade. It was a small blue diary from

Toni Wolf, my 2nd grade friend. The diary was my first step in writing my feelings on paper.

We were moving from East Lansing to Hickory Corners for my Father's new job at the Kellogg

Foundation.  It was my first creative writing attempt! In school, we learned spelling words, penmanship

and pat answers to essay questions. This was my first adventure in writing my thoughts which of

course were going in so many different directions in my new home.  I remember that I wrote

about my new friends, my new dog and my new room.  Exclamation  marks were my favorite

punctuation. They still are my favorite!!!!

                                                       A squirrel comes to visit my family!

     One creative writing piece was assigned in Mrs. Clark's 3rd grade classroom. We had a pet squirrel

who traveled home with each student on the weekend.  Our assignment was to write about the

adventures with the squirrel.  Everything went smoothly until Monday morning.  My older

brother let the squirrel out and it went up into the back of the couch. We could not get it out and

my brother ended up getting bitten.  He had to get rabies shots on his stomach. What a great

opportunity for a writing assignment!  I never did get to bring the squirrel home again. But

I had one of the best essays in the class. Surely my ability to always exaggerate may have played a role

in the essay. The picture below may reflect the creative touch added to my story!


by Kwillis7315

    Notes were a wonderful communication tool in my elementary classroom. Everyone wrote notes to

their friends and passed them with a inconspicuous air. Our third and forth grade teachers ignored it.

Letting friendships grow through notes and ideas is a new tool that I hope to remember. We had a

secret language where we added ob to every word. Our notes were crazy and confusing to adults in our

life. That is exactly how we wanted to share notes in the 5th grade.

    As I moved through 5th into 6th grade, my focus was on friendships something that has remained

important my whole life. My memories of 5th grade English in Mrs. Baylor's room are not of English.

Instead, I remember we had a pretend wedding in class with Mike Batson and Marilyn Black. This

memory reminds me that events and activities remain in your mind not textbook time.

Our 6th grade graduation ukulele band entertainment played this wonderful song!

   Another  long- term memory takes place in sixth grade English class with Mr. Schinderle. His class

 at Kellogg Elementary was at the  end of the hall.  It was our last year before junior high filled with

boy/girl drama, playing "Moonlight bay" on the ukulele as a class for graduation, trading notes,

collecting 45's,  talent shows and slumber parties. My 6th grade English class started me on a writing

journey that has added many magic moments to my lifetime.

This will be continued in A Sanguine learns to write a speech.

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